Powerhouse Pictures is the brainchild behind Producer, Jake Brennan and Cinematographer William Besly. Started in 2016 with the goal to continually inject story and emotion into visual storytelling, the boys have continually built a full-serving Sydney based production company. Powerhouse continually works on a global stage, redefining the video process while building clear and successful video production frameworks for some of the world’s best.

They have served Australian based brands, told narrative-centric stories, launched commercial campaigns and generated digital content and media alike.

Powerhouse Pictures focuses on audience-driven, inclusive stories and brands that have a unique sales proposition. The team relishes fast-paced and thought-provoking approaches to content and sticks by the idea that they tell unique stories in unique ways.

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Beginning in short-form narrative, Powerhouse has produced a myriad of both long and short-form story content across film and TV. They have won awards for their webseries work and are currently in development on a new episodic TV show.



Taking their narrative chops, Powerhouse has an extensive portfolio of direct to client and agency based commercial work. As is evident, they adapt and modify stories to drive a product forward. Creating specific touchstones from their clients' avatars, they set out to play on the emotions of their audience and build strong brand resonances.


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Melding the music and film world together presents so much joy and room for creative expression. Powerhouse Pictures is continually on the endeavour to create new, interesting and fun music video content with local Australian artists.

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Telling unique stories in unique ways.

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